My love for travel started at a young age when my parents would take us on trips every summer. One year we drove to Florida in December amid a snow storm. In my 20's my Grandmother and I packed up and took Via Rail from Ontario to BC. Upon returning home a friend and I jumped in the car and drove to the East Coast - putting my feet in both oceans within a week was an unimaginable experience! Wrapping up my 20's with a month long backpacking trip through Europe further opened my eyes and desire for travel - visiting Austria was a childhood dream!

While travel has always been my love it hasn't always been my profession. When considering other life options for employment I came across TravelOnly and took a plunge - why not try it? Now today I am a TICO Licensed Travel Adviser with TravelOnly who has sold travel to many friends, family and strangers who have become valued customers who are treated like family.

My goal in travel is to help your planning go as smooth as possible while allowing you the pleasure and experience of travel - just like how I felt putting my feet in the Oceans or traveling in Europe.

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